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Volume 5, Issue 5

Research on the Impact of China's Defense Expenditure on Economic Growth Since the 21st Century



Yang Yi


Study of High Quality Development Pathways for Non-profit Organization Auditing



Chenghong Shi


The Relationship between Executive Equity Incentives and Corporate Performance -- Empirical Analysis based on Listed Logistics Companies



Mingxian Wang, Xuelian Zuo


Research on Financial Strategy Evaluation of Luckin Coffee based on Financial Strategy Matrix



Tong Ye, Danni Li, Na Li


Favorable Conditions, Constraints and Countermeasures for the Development of Freshly Squeezed Juice Industry



Yuchen Tang, Xian'ai Ke, Ye Deng


Capital Market Surplus Measurement and Application -- Timeliness and Robustness of Surpluses



Huanhuan Xu, Zhongshu Shi, Siyi Li


High Quality Development Path of Internal Audit in State-owned Enterprises



Yi Zhou


Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Transportation System and Regional Economic and Social Development



Lu Liu, Yehua Wei, Liugu Zhou, Zhewen Zhang


Design and Research of Student Learning Exchange Education Platform based on Big Data



Haikun Wang, Yingchun Li


Research on the Development of Low-carbon Agriculture in Anhui Province under the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals


Ziyi Zeng


Logistics Analysis of Cold Chain Supply Chain of Fresh Agricultural Products -- Taking Pagoda Company as an Example and Financial Improvement Suggestions



Jinhao Chen, Yansong Zang, Nuo Chen, Anqi Lu, and Zimeng Li


Study on the Carbon Emission Reduction Effect of Green Finance Development in the Dontext of “Double Carbon”



Jiajia Gu, Ziqi Zhang, Chang Xu


Study on the Influence of Labor Mobility on Urban Economic Growth under The Background of "Strengthening Provincial Capital"



Xiaopeng Dai


Market Competitive Position of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Digital Transformation



Liwei Song


Ecovacs: Service Robot Industry Advantages and Existing Problems Analysis and Future Financial Development Planning and Strategy



Jinhao Chen, Yansong Zang, Nuo Chen, Anqi Lu, and Zimeng Li


Does the Digital Economy Promote the High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry?


Anqi Li, Rui Long, Xi Cheng


Early Effect of Affordable Care Act on Access to Health Care of Children with Special Health Care Needs



Jianfeng Yao


Research on the Influencing Factors of Green Finance on Agricultural Green Development -- A Case Study of Green Finance Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone in Zhejiang Province



Kaiwen Chen, Zihan Song, Ziyi Chen, Jing Fu, Zixin Wang


Exploring the Mechanism of the Impact of Government Subsidies on High Quality Innovation of Enterprises



Shengnan Chen


Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance, Managerial Ability and Digital Transformation of Enterprises -- Evidence from China



Yan Cheng


Evaluation of Economic Index System based on Sustainable Development



Yuxian Wang, Jinpeng Wang, Zhen Chen, Jiahui Li, Chao Xue


Analysis and Countermeasures of SME Financing in the Post-epidemic Era



Qing Tan, Xing Zhang, Leping Zhang, Liangyong Luo


Factors Influencing the Enhancement of Automotive Brand Power Analysis



Huiying Hu, Chunyan Zhang


Research on the Current Situation and Development Path of Community Group Buying in Rural Areas -- Taking Bengbu City, Anhui Province as an Example



Lei Wang, Yifei Feng, Luyuan Yang


Comprehensive Evaluation and Influencing Factor Analysis of High-quality Foreign Trade Development in Four Municipalities based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS Grey Correlation Degree



Jing Yan, Liugu Zhou, Chenyang Dang, Tengfei Wu


The Impact of Tax Business Environment Optimization on Digital Transformation of Export Enterprises



Xinyi Ji


Research on the Influence Mechanism of Digital Inclusive Finance Empowering Green Economy Development under the "Double Carbon" Strategy



Can Zhu, Jiayang Li, Danni Li, and Na Li


Analysis on the Influence of Digital Economy on the High-quality Development of Tourism -- Analysis based on Panel Data of Guizhou Province



Xiaolang Ao, Xiaoqin Li


Family of Origin and the Significance of Self-growth in Educated: A Memoir



Zhenmeng Liu


Research on the Current Situation, Difficulties, and Countermeasures of County Economy Development in Anhui Province



Xiaorong Shi, Xia Hua, Xueqing Liu, Zejiong Zhou


Comprehensive Evaluation of Social Security in Anhui Province



Yangyang Qian, Yunyun Wang


The Impact of Business Environment on the Development of Service Trade -- Taking the Yangtze River Economic Belt as an Example



Yang Liu, Quan Xu, Jiahao Wen, He Liu


The Main Obstacles and Countermeasures of Administrative Communication in Enterprises



Jiajie Ma, Jing Yang


Based on the Investigation of the Operation Status of the Long-term Mechanism from "Plastic Limit" to "Plastic Ban" in Bengbu City



Yan Li, Minjie Su, Yue Wu, Aixin Yu


Investigation and Research on the Development of Emerging Industries at the 24th Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo



Xingyu Zhou, Yuanyuan Zhou, Zimu Wang


Analysis of the Current Situation and Preventive Strategies of Consumer Credit for College Students -- Taking Bengbu Business School as an Example



Hongyu Zhou


Application of Data Visualization Technology in Artificial Intelligence



Jingjing Yang, Xinyue Wei, Xinyue Zhang, Longwei Yan


New Version of China Automotive Industry Information Website based on WeChat Mini Program



Shuo Wu, Peipei Zhu, Kai Kang, Ke Li, Yixin Wang


Study on the Influence of Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone on Export Trade -- Empirical Evidence from Panel Data of Six Cities in Anhui Province



Yiran Wen


Carbon Emissions Trading and Urban Green Total Factor Productivity Improvement



Yongzhi Yuan


The Impact and Mechanism of the Development of Digital Inclusive Finance on the Urban-Rural Income Gap -- From the Perspective of Common Prosperity



Xiao Chen, Yufeng Zhu, Dianjuan Zhang, Zhanzhan Fan, Deyu Li


The Impact of Customer Concentration on the Financial Performance of a Business



Huanhuan Xu


Research on Community Culture Construction in Urban Community Planning in Chengdu -- A Case Study of Mengzhuiwan Community in Chengdu



Binghan Xiong


Study on the Synergy between Digital Finance and Regional Innovation -- Based on the Yangtze River Delta City Cluster



Yuyao Ren


Research on AI Finance Application from the Perspective of Digital Economy: Significant Utility and Normative Challenges



Junjie Bian, Na Xin, Changyu Zhong, Can Xu


The Impact of Green Credit Policy on the Export Trade of "Two High and One Leftover" Enterprises



Tongyue Feng, Yilang Luo, Kai Zhang, Centing Li


Research on Tax Collection and Management of Platform Economy under the Background of Smart Taxation



Linyue Jiang, Jingyi Liang, Ting Zhou, Shanshan Zhang, Deyu Li


Exploration of the Development Path of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry Chain and Research on Industrial Chain Security Early Warning Mechanism under the Background of Hainan Free Trade Port Construction



Song Wu


Government Transfer Structure and Fiscal Expenditure Efficiency



Qiong Wu, Jia Li


Digital Economy Empowers High-quality Development of Agriculture



Xin Chen, Jingru Xu


Research on the Protection and Utilization of Hanging Foot Buildings from the Perspective of Functionalism: A Case Study of Xijiang Miaozhai



Murong Shi


Research on the Influence Mechanism of Digital Economy on Carbon Emissions in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration



Sicheng Wang


Science and Technology Innovation Development Status and Policy Optimization Research in Wenzhou



Wei Chen


Research on Optimization Approaches of Blockchain Technology in New Energy under the Background of Double Reduction -- Taking Anhui Province as an Example



Peihong Duan, Xiaoya Fan, Heng Xu, Shuai Li, Ling Jiang


Trend Analysis of Construction Methods for Automotive Operational Scenario Libraries based on Patent Analysis


Jingxuan Kang, Xince Yu, Jie Zhao, Xin Guo, Lipeng Qin


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