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Volume 5, Issue 4

Analysis of the Basic Competition Situation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry based on the Porter Five-Force Model-- Take The T Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprise as an Example


Tao Zhang, Hejin Wang, Zehua Gao and Xiaowen Zhang


Research on Interpersonal Relationship of College Students based on Network Social Platform


Wenji Zhu, Xiaoyu Cai, Quanwei Ai


Research on the Mode of Financial Fund Investment for Targeted Poverty Alleviation


Yanfeng Wang


Financial Difficulties of Small and Medium-sized Private Manufacturing Enterprises in the Post-epidemic Era and Countermeasures


Yijing Wang


Analysis on the Dilemma Mechanism of Subsidies for Renewable Energy Power Generation Projects in China


Siqi Yang, Wangyi Wei and Rui Ma


On the Brand Development Method of TCM Industry in the New Era-- T Chinese Medicine Company as an Example


Tao Zhang, Nianzhang Li, Xiaojing Liu and Yansong Zang


On the Correlation between Green Innovation Efficiency and the Gathering of Scientific and Technological Talents-- Taking Anhui Province as an Example


Yuting Yu, Yanbo Wang, Han Zhang, Zejiong Zhou


On the Innovation Efficiency of High-tech Industries in 28 Provinces and Cities in China based on DEA-Malmquist Index


Liuzhen Liang, Jingjing Lu, Qing Lv, Deyu Li


Teaching Reform Paper of Environmental Science Introduction -- An Investigation and Analysis of Hebei Agricultural University Students' Views and Suggestions on Water Pollution


Hongquan Liu, Zhaotai Dong, Jinming Zhang, Yifan Wu, Yuxuan Li, Yang Xie, Yi Zhang, Xinwei Li, Xinxiyang Wang, Xinjian Yang, Zehui Liu


Circulation Industry Agglomeration, Internet Development and Urban-rural Income Gap


Wei Liu


Study on the Disclosure of Environmental Accounting Information of New Steel Corporation


Jing Fan, Chaoqun Geng


Analysis of the Influence of Left-behind Experience on College Students' Psychology and Behavior-- Take Anhui University of Finance and Economics as an Example


Yu Nie, Lixian Li, Yanxiang Bai, Qianwu Zhao


Research on the Arbitrage Behavior of Exchangeable Bonds: A Case Study of Dongxu Group's Private Placement


Xintao Zeng, Liang Mao


Research on the Impact Mechanism of Digital Transformation on the High-quality Development of Enterprises


Huanhuan Xu, Xingxing Xu


Energy Structure, Carbon Neutral Performance and High Quality Economic Development


Zongjue Wu and Jing Huang


Study on the Construction Path of Digital Countryside in Anhui Province-- Take Bengbu City as an Example


Yuhao Kang, Lijing Guo, Kang Liu and Heng Ru


Analysis of Influencing Factors and Countermeasure Research on Job Satisfaction of Construction Workers


Xiang Li, Liang Mao


Digital Economy and Enterprise Debt Financing Cost


Han Miao


Investigating the Effects of Green Transformation Leadership and Institutional Pressure on Corporate Low-Carbon Behavior and Green Performance


Guocheng Zhang


Research on the Impact of Liability Insurance of Directors, Supervisors, and Senior Management Personnel on Environmental Information Disclosure


Tingyuan Zhu, Chenchen Yuan and Xinzhen Jiang


The Spatial Mechanism of the Digital Economy Enabling Dual Circulation Development: From the Perspectives of Digital Industrialization and Industrial Digitalization


Wuxian Dou


On the Financial Impact of the New Leasing Standard on Lingnan Holdings


Ke Chen


Research on the Development Strategy of Green Economy under the Background of Ecological Civilization Construction


Wenqian Jiang, Shuangchu Yang and Chencheng Wang


Analysis and Measures of the Development Trend of Enterprise Cost Accounting


Xiaoyu Cai, Wenjun Du and Xiaofeng Wu


On Production Efficiency and Influencing Factors of Smart Agriculture -- Based on DEA Super Efficiency Algorithm and To-bit Model


Zehua He, Yide Shu, Yujie Zhang, Zehang Tao


Research on the Development Trend of Dedollarization in Global and China's Strategy


Heng Xu, Yaoyuan Shi, Lingjie Deng, Jinming Tao, Zejiong Zhou


Robot Application and Environmental Performance from the Perspective of Machine Learning Model: Evidecce from Four Provinces in China


Wenhua Qi


Fiscal Transparency and Urban Innovation: Evidence from a Panel of Chinese Prefecture-level Cities


Minxi Zhao


Analysis of Research Hotspots, Current Status, and Trends of Green Bonds: A Bibliometric Analysis based on WOS and CiteSpace


Ting Fang


Development Model and Prospect of Circular Agriculture under Rural Revitalization Strategy


Jing Wang, Sisi Yao


Research on the Influence of International Trade Friction on China's Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the New Period and its Countermeasures


Jiahui Yu, Dilnuray·Amir and Jie Li


Research on Green Finance Empowering Rural Revitalization under the Target of "Double Carbon"


Xinyue Ren, Zuqi Chen and Haoyue Xu


Research on the Development of Smart Cities in China in the Internet Era


Ran Xie, Changyu Li, Xinjie Huang, Wei Xu


Digital Technology Empowers Rural Cultural Construction Path under the Background of Rural Revitalization


Minghui Bu, Dilnuray·Amir and Haoyue Xu


Study on the Impact of the Development Level of Digital Economy on Green Development in Yangtze River Economic Zone


Songtao Dong


Green Move New Emblem: Huizhou Characteristic Town under the Concept of Green Ecology


Zhenzhen Chai, Qihang Zheng, Xiaonan Zhou


Research on the Current Situation and Future Development Path of Family School Collaborative Education Model under the "Double Reduction" Policy


Xinyi Zhang, Yi Yang


Research on the Cultivation of New Professional Farmers in Anhui Province from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization-- Taking Jinzhai County, Lu'an City as an Example


Changchang Chen, Ziyi Huang, Keyi Ren


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