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Volume 5, Issue 3

Study on the Compensation Mechanism of Cultivated Land Protection in the Main Grain-producing Areas-- Based on the Survey of Farmers in Henan Province


Sijia Yang, Yutong Wang and Jianshu Ye


Research on the Effect and Countermeasures of Digital Empowerment for High-Quality Development of Rural Eco-Industries-- Empirical Evidence based on Data from 16 Cities in Anhui Province


Dan Wu


Research on Pseudo Satellite Positioning System based on Closed Environment


Quan Jiang, Tianhu Wang, Yang Zhong and Yunhao Qu


Literature Analysis of Vocational Education Group based on CNKI Data


Yue Yan, Juan Zhang, Taizhi Lv


Analysis of Competition Situation of Agricultural E-Commerce Platform based on Porter Five-Force Model-- Take X Garlic APP E-commerce Platform as an Example


Tao Zhang, Lingfan Zhang, Jingxuan Qi and Zixuan Zuo


Research on the Impact of Rural Three-Industry Integration Development on Farmers' Income Increase from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization-- Take Anhui Province as an Example


Huizhen Huo, Jinghan Huang, Zihuan Fang, Bo Qiao


Research on the Protection of Workers' Rights and Interests under the "Part-Time Economy" based on the Internet-- Take Online Taxi Driver as an Example


Weiqing Yin, Xingzheng Xiao


Research on Tax Risk Effect and Governance of Overseas Listed Companies under VIE Model


Jingwen Dong, Anni You, Xiaohao Wang


Research on the Impact of Carbon Market Trading on Emission Reduction Efficiency-- TOPSIS based Evaluation of Emission Reduction Efficiency of Domestic Pilot Carbon Market


Yutong Zhang, Chen Chen, Bin Liu


Analysis of Investment Value of 37 Listed Banks based on Factor Analysis


Hong Qian


Research on Optimization Countermeasures of Medical Liability Insurance from the Perspective of Game


Jiaming Li, Yue Chen


Research on Industrial Energy Efficiency in the Yangtze River Delta from the Perspective of Carbon Emission Reduction


Yang Wu


Innovation of Management Accounting and Promotion of Enterprise Competitiveness


Yujie Zhang, Yuanqing Hu, Manqi Luo


Research on Problems and Measures of E-commerce Big Data Application Statistics


Anqi Li, Xiang Wei, Bin Liu


On the Impact of Factor Flow on Urban-rural Integration at County Level based on Panel Data of the Yangtze River Delta


Shuo Zhou, Xueshan Wang, Yukun Mao, Jinlei Zhang, Deyu Li


Research on the Evaluation of Enterprise Accounting Information Disclosure under the Double Carbon Background-- Take Environmental Accounting Information as an Example


Miaomiao Chen


Analysis of the Total Influencing Factors of Imports and Exports in China-- Based on a Multi Linear Regression Model


Xiaorong Yang , Anan Yan, Yijia Rong


Research on the Impact of Yangtze River Delta Expansion on Common Prosperity


Rui Wu, Xueting Ye, Bingjie Xue, Xiaoyu Huang, Huiping Shu, Zejiong Zhou


Measurement and Evaluation of Urban Resilience in Yangtze River Delta


Ting Xie, Weixia Zuo, Weiwei Huang and Caiyun Teng


Dilemma, Opportunities and Optimization Path of Rural Vocational Education Development under the Background of Rural Revitalization


Jiaqi Li


Research on the Competitiveness of Talents under the Reform of Household Registration System-- Take the New First-tier Cities as an Example


Baoxiang Fei, Qingqing Li, Ding Gao, Biyang Li, Jianmin Li, Yanping Wu


Analysis of the Integrated Marketing Strategy of the Network Program "ROCK & ROAST"


Shuyuan Wang, Guifang Wang


The Trend of Green Finance Development in China


Zhiwen Ju


Research on the Influence Mechanism of Social Capital on Knowledge Transfer in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


Lanxing Dong


Exploration on Cooperative Governance of Village Enterprises from the Perspective of Sustainable Development-- Wang Jia Cun Village Enterprise Cooperation Model


Xiaofeng Guo


Research on the Marketing Strategy of the Theme Movie in the New Era


Lele Shang


Research on the Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on the Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Areas


Wenqiang Yuan


A Detailed Study on the Regulation System of Rural Human Settlement Environment-- Based on the Empirical Investigation of G Town in L County


Tao Jin


Killer Acquisition: Antitrust Control on Internet Platform


Yi Ren


Based on the Impact of the Yangtze River Delta Expansion on its Regional Economy


Enze Cui, Chenyang Qi, Zetong Zhang, Peng Huang


Study on the Integration of Class Teachers into Professional Education in Student Management in Higher Vocational Colleges


Jianmin Chen


The Population Structure and Industrial Structure Transformation of the Yangtze River Delta Region are Coupled


Jiabin Zeng


Research Summary on the Influencing Factors of Enterprise Innovation


Xueying Zhang


Research on Strategic Risk Management and Enterprise Survival Resilience in China's Manufacturing Industry-- Take ANTA as an Example


Wenting Pan, Yan Zhao


Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Human Settlement Environment Governance in Bengbu City from the Perspective of Ecological Revitalization


Yawen Zhou, Zimeng Wu, Linguo Xie, Ying Zhang


Webcasting and the Development of E-Commerce of Fresh Agricultural Products: Driving Mechanism and Empirical Test-- Taking Hefei as an Example


Jiahui Jiao, Kaiyue Jin, Ke Yang, Lijing Guo


When 'Trade-in' and 'Trade-in' Coexist under the EPR Fund System Game Analysis of Manufacturers and Remanufacturers


Maolin Wen, Ruiyun Xu


Research on Audit Risk Control of State-owned Capital Overseas Investment based on Game Theory


Zhensheng Wang


Exploration on Low-carbon Transformation Path of Power Industry under the Background of Carbon Trading


Hongli Yang, Guo Li and Zhikang Hu


Research on Countermeasures for the Development of Public Innovation Space in Lanzhou City under the Dual Circulation Horizon


Jiayao Zhang, Peixian Cao and Yizhen Chen


Controlling Shareholder's Equity Pledge, Corporate Finance and Corporate Innovation


Jie Wang


Research on the Service Fee Model based on Industrial Internet Platform


Qian Zhang


Research on Virtual VR Device Management System based on Cloud


Yaxin Xing, Yanbin Long


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